Open-Air Theater
This style of performance, known as " performance theater," is a creation and expression of Iranian artists, distinct from the Western theatrical forms in shape and structure. Open-Air Theater represents a native, captivating, and unparalleled form of art, and it is precisely this distinction that garners an exceptional reception from the audience
Believing that art is an essential component of the human experience, when a society aspires to achieve completeness materially, spiritually, intellectually, and mentally, art must thrive within that community
With the belief that the mission of theater lies in conveying enlightening and awakening messages to society
Believing that the subtlest and most intangible human emotions and feelings can be expressed through the art of theater and performance
Believing that delivering an impactful message in theater requires powerful technique
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In introducing open-air Theater, we express that:
- What is the open-air Theater?
- Why open-air Theater?
- Themes, form, and content of the Theater
- Introduction of the performed theatrical works
What is the open-air Theater?
- A modern approach and an unparalleled style in the world
- Open-air Theater is a fusion of modern and traditional theater
- In a vast environment, outside the confines of limited and confined small halls
- A populist Theater, with a massive audience
- Accompanied by various visual spectacles of light, stage, sound, field-specific special effects, and hundreds of performers
- In open-air Theater, the audience witnesses events up close and engages with them, feeling the pulse of the occurrences
- In this type of Theater, spectators find themselves surrounded by events, unfolding in three dimensions around them, continuously presenting them with fresh shocks and moments
- Open-air Theater involves a rhythmic beat, cinematic editing on the screens, and a choreography of events
- In this Theater, each frame and display curtain resembles an exquisite cinematic sequence with intricate plans and details. This creation is not merely a theater but a fusion of cinema, television, and theater
Form and execution
A portion of the content-based impacts of open-air Theater on the audience includes:
المسرحیة الميدانية وحيدا اكثر من المسيح
وحيداً اكثر من المسيح، يحكي قصة مقاومة الحسين (ع)، ذلك الرجل الحر العظيم ضد الظلم والقهر، ويحكي قصة رجل كان أكثر وحدة من المسيح ضد الظالمين في ذلك الزمان... عرض مليئ بالحب والفراق و السبي والكبرياء... أكثر وحدة من المسيح قصة التاريخ الذي يعيد نفسه.
Performance Venue: إيران / طهران
Number Audience: 1,500,000 شخص
Performance Dates: 2018، 2019، 2022، 2023
Number of Performances: أكثر من 400 مرة
The Land of the Sun is a rich and captivating narrative, depicting the eternal struggle between the forces of truth and falsehood, from the creation of humanity to the end of the world. It tells the story of humans throughout history, from Adam, the father of mankind, to the awaited savior who remains hidden from view. It narrates the resilience against the tyrants of the time, the tale of Abel and Cain
Performance Venue: Syria / Demascus | Homs
Number Audience: 300,000 people
Performance Dates: 2021
Number of Performances: 50 sessions
عرض أرض الشمس
أرض الشمس عمل مليئ بالمحتوى، غني وجذاب... إنه سرد للمعركة بين جبهة الحق والباطل، منذ بداية خلق الإنسان إلى نهاية العالم... أرض الشمس هي رواية البشر في صراع تاريخي من آدم أبو البشر إلى ظهور منقذ البشرية الغائب عن النظر... هي رواية الوقوف ضد فراعنة الزمان رواية هابيل و قابيل
The narrative unfolds through the voices of the world’s most remarkable women, offering a fresh perspective on their lives and contributions. From the dawn of humanity with Eve , the mother of all , to figures like Sarah , Hagar , and Mary the daughter who stood as a mother to her father. It encompasses outstanding women throughout history and the exceptional women shaping the present
Performance Venue: Iran / Tehran
Number Audience: 450,000 people
Performance Dates: 2023
Number of Performances: Over 120 sessions
We harbor no enmity, launch no attacks, make no invasions, but excel at the art of defense” “This open-air Theater narrates the highs and lows of a man’s life, a defender, a champion of the oppressed and suffering in the world ... The story of a man who would tell his daughter: ‘My dear, I belong to the group that does not sleep and should not sleep, so others can rest peacefully. A man who would say, ‘I sprinkle salt in my eyes so that my eyelids dare not close, lest in my sleep, that helpless and oppressed child be taken away in my carelessness”
Performance Venue: Iran / Tehran
Number Audience: 100,000 people
Performance Dates: 2022
Number of Performances: Over 30 sessions
المسرحية الميدانية العودة
Return is not a fictional tale; it is an inexorable journey through the highs and lows of life, a path that might begin with your choices, yet the end and outcome are not solely determined by your desires and will. The narrative of return revisits moments of intense human experiences at the crossroads of hope and despair
Performance Venue: Iran / Tehran
Number Audience: 120,000 people
Performance Dates: 2023
Number of Performances: 40 sessions